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Naz 2002     by Harida and Sandhya   meditation - devotional

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Bhakti cover Bhakti - Songs of Devotion is a collection of eight beautiful, devotional tunes, which transport the listener to the spiritual realms of India. Harida joined with Sandhya, a classically trained singer from India, whom he met many years ago during his travels. Harida's delicate play on santoor, keyboard and percussion creates a spacious, meditative base for Sandhya's lyrics, presented with her mesmerizing voice.
The album begins with a Shloka in Sanskrit, which speaks of the great reverence for the master, the qualities embodied by the master such as inner peace and eternal joy and ends with a salutation to the master. This love and appreciation reflects the spirit of Bhakti.
Sandhya sings about the devotee and his search of the truth, about Krishna, about the Hindu gods, but as in Hindu philosophy there is no separation between gods and humans she is addressing the divine within us.
On Spacesand Glideher voice is used as another instrument in comunication with Harida's gentle play.
The album includes the chant of Aum,which in Hindu philosophy is said to represent the sound of the universe. The meditation on Aum is said to create balance with the inner and outer.

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1. Shloka (traditional)   4:21 enter
2. Darshan (traditional)   3:26 enter
3. Glide (Harida, Sandhya)   7:21
4. Bhakti (Sandhya) 10:13
5. Spaces ( Harida, Sandhya)   7:44
6. Aum (Sandhya)   8:23
7. Bansi (Sandhya)   7:30
8. Badra (Harida)  10:59 enter
total time: 59:58
Sandhya: voice, tambura
Harida: santoor, percussion, keyboard
Ardha: guitar on Bhakti, Bansi
Yashu: flute Bansi

recorded at Nazca Music, Portugal - autumn 2001
studio engineering by Harida Quinteros
cover design by Nartan Ratjen
cover painting: Yogendra Rajyogi, print: Dhammo
artist photos: Sandhya by Sabrina Walczuch, Harida by Olibiza
executive producer: Harida Quinteros, Nartan Ratjen

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Bhakti - Songs of Devotion

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