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This project was born from the love and intention to share heart moments, allowing the music that came just to be.
A tribute to simplicity, as we pass through this amazing world.
Sofia, Rupesh, Harida
Grandfather Rupesh

On September 28, 2010, while we were recording at Harida and Nartan's place in the beautiful countryside of Portugal, Rupesh became 52 years old! He reached the age in which, in the native Mexica tradition, a man becomes a Grandfather! A full circle oj life, experience and wisdom. We had a very nice celebration with good friends around a Mexican traditional dinner (Mole and even tortillas!) There was a music jam with lots of drumming; it was a beautiful time of sharing. What a blessing, so much fun!

grandfather Rupesh
Yashu's flute

During the time of recording, Sofia's flute got sick after many years of good health.
It was not good news since recording was happening and it is always a long process to get a flute fixed. You need the right people and some days for the fixing, so being in the middle of the Portuguese countryside, this was not an easy task. But as it happened, Yashu's flute was there in the recording studio, resting for a while already, and Yashu had left it in very good conditions before she herself left the body. This really saved us!
So half of the recording was made with Yashu's flute: a beautiful meeting of two flute players that never met in this lifetime, but somehow, music is the magic that connects all of us in unexpected ways.
It was a beautiful feeling, which is hard to describe as each instrument carries the energy of its owner and has its own unique sound; two flutes will never sound the same! We felt so grateful to Yashu, to her flute and to their energy, for having been part of this special project with us. She was very present, reminding us that there's no death, only transformation.

meditation camp
The meditation camp

During those october days it was getting chilly: slowly slowly, autumn was there with fresh winds, mild rain and sunshine. It was time for the meditation camp. We started all the preparations, bringing all the energy to the green dome for the next few days. A very nice group of people came. We had 4 beautiful days of sharing music, dance and meditation. We filled each other"s hearts with the loving energy that was created.

sunset concert
The sunset concert

As the music was so beautiful during the camp and not everybody in the neighborhood is into meditation, Nartan decided to organize a concert the following Sunday, on the 10.10.2010. That Sunday morning it was pouring rain! The dirtroad turned into a small river and we did not expect anybody to come. To our surprise, by 4:30 one car after the other arrived. By 5:00 the rain stopped and 60 people joined the afternoon concert. We had a beautiful event, which ended in a full-on dance party with Rupesh and Harida sending everybody flying with their congas and drums.

This too shall pass

Somestimes we would go out to enjoy the beach and the little town called Zambujeira. The Atlantik Ocean so beautiful, and so cold for us! Just watching the sunset would remind us of the fragility of this life, and that there is not so much to do but to enjoy the little time we have here in this world, for in the end everything goes back to the huge Source where it came from, in this amazing dance of transformations. Just to hear the ocean, to watch the sunset, to hug a beloved one, to laugh about whatever, to share some music.....Resting in the simplicity, knowing that this too shall pass.

Thanks to everybody who shared their precious energy for this project, To nature, meditation, Osho, celebration. To life, death and transformation.
Thanks Rupesh, for everything you gave and continue to give us. You are everywhere.....shining in eternal love! In music and in the heart, we are one. We will always love you and feel very blessed to have shared so much with you in this lifetime.

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